5 Tips to stay on track in December

Now the Christmas preparation is in the full swing, and there is chocolate and minced pies everywhere you look, you just can’t see yourself not having some. Am I right? Oh I know exactly how you feel.

It can be challenging, and this time of the year will test you. The most important thing is to stay focused in the run up to the Christmas Day so you can then enjoy the time off and create some nice memories with your family and friends.

December is not a FREE TICKET allowing you to go off the track for the month.

So how can you stay on the right track in December and still make progress with your fat loss and your fitness goals.

Here are 5 tips you can follow to help you stay focused.

  1. Stay active. Plan your workouts and daily walks. Once you set your daily steps goals and your session make sure you stick to the plan and get it done. This will keep your body in check, and you will more likely fuel your body with nutritious meals too.
  2. Have the treat after your main meal. This is important. Fuel your body with protein and vegetable first and then allow yourself your treat. Stay accountable and track your meals so you can see where the calories will take you. Create the balance so you can have fun too.
  3. Plan for the parties. Just because you have a party on Saturday evening, it doesn’t mean you get to eat party food all day. As I mentioned previously prioritise protein for breakfast and lunch and bank some calories for later to enjoy your party. And remember the liquid calories count too.
  4. Set your limits. When you go out with your friends or colleagues have some boundaries. This is your goal and no one else’s. It is ok to say NO and feel happy about it. So set your limits before you go out and own it.
  5. The day after your party you carry on with your nutrition, hydration, and activity level as before. And if you decide not to track the meals at the party that is ok too. Just remember to be mindful of your body and just carry on with your healthy habits as before.

If you have some boundaries for the month, you’ll be in control and the December won’t consume you. You’ll be in charge. Creating balance and be consistent with it is the key.

And when the Christmas Day comes you can just chill, turn off the food tracker, enjoy the meals and the time with your families and create some lovely memories.