5 TIPS to eat out and still lose weight

Having a good plan for your days or weekends away is a key to stay on the right track to lose weight and fit into those smaller jeans.

Planning your nutrition to make sure you hit your protein goal and to stay within calorie deficit to lower the body fat is important for you to see the results you want.

How often do you go out to meet family or friends, you have a nice meal and few drinks? Are your weekends out stopping you from making progress?

So how can you still enjoy your night out and lose inches from your waist at the same time?

  1. Plan your week and weekend

If you go for a meal out during the day and evening, be mindful of you nutrition during the day. It’s the overall calories consumed across the day/week that matter, not the one meal with drinks. Work out your calorie’s deficit and plan around it. To come out of calorie deficit into maintenance calories for one day is ok if you stay in the deficit for the rest of the week. One day will not make a difference in your progress.

2. Check the menu

Most restaurants have got menus available online, so you can check it out and plan your meals and drinks. Decide if you are having starter and main meal, or a main meal with desert and drinks. Not all, but some restaurants have got the calories next to the meals so you can track it or scan it straight away, so you know how much calories it is.

3. Prioritize Protein

During the day and on the day out, prioritise lean protein – ideally grilled. If the restaurant doesn’t have calories with the menu, it will be very difficult to track it. Eating out is always delicious because they use a lot of cooking fats that tastes yummy – do you agree? But most of your calories are coming from the fat in your nutrition and hence I advise to choose lean protein. This way you will feel fuller for longer and you hit your protein goal too.

4. Watch your liquid calories

Yes, they count too. The fizzy and alcoholic drinks count too and your body will also prioritise processing these calories. Plan your drinks, just like you plan your meals. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water and set boundaries on your drinks. Trust me, you’ll still have a lot of fun and won’t be as hangover the day after. BONUS!

5. Apply 80/20 approach

If you are going away for a weekend or for holiday, apply the 80/20 approach. Allow yourself the ice cream or pizza – that’s what the holiday is for. However, keep yourself in check with your other meals to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs.

I follow all these rules and it works. The tracking will give you awareness of the calories consumed and where are they coming from. And the planning will help you make progress with your weight loss journey while enjoying your life.

I don’t believe you should make restrictions. You can have fun, live your life to its best and still lose inches from your waist.

Do you feel your Fridays and Saturday nights are stopping you see better results?

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Have a great weekend and don’t forget to plan for it 😊

Petra x