Have you jumped on the scale this morning and you aren’t happy with what you see?

You do everything right and somehow the scale hasn’t changed.

There is nothing more frustrating than weighing yourself after a week of being consistent with your habits just to find out the number on the scale is the same.

You just want to quit straight away.

Let me tell you something….

Your body weight will fluctuate during the day, week and a month and there are a lot of reasons for this. What you ate, where are you with your stress, what time of the month it is or how did you train yesterday.

The number on the scale is only telling you your body weight – bone, muscle, water, and body fat all together.  Unless you have the fancy scale, but even those aren’t as accurate.

The number on the scale isn’t a true reflection of your progress

While you may not be losing body weight you may be losing body fat, but the scale will not tell you that. Hence, don’t recommend weighing every day because I just find it a little too much.


If you wanted to experiment and weight yourself every day at the same time for 7-10 days, you will see how your body weight fluctuates. While it’s good to see trend long-term, short-term scale fluctuation doesn’t reflect your progress.

Therefore, it’s important you use other methods to measure your progress every week and month.

My clients have weekly and monthly reviews to celebrate all their non-scale victories because if you focus on those you realise how much happier you are.

Some of my clients even stopped weighting themselves. Because from short term perspective it’s not relevant. And you are so much more than the number on the scale.

Here are 5 different ways I review my client’s progress.

  • How are you feeling? This is very important. With more nutritious meals and regular exercising routine you’ll start feeling more energised. With the extra energy, you’ll feel more motivated to keep the new routine going as you feel the benefits already.
  • How are your clothes fitting? As you are lowering your body fat and with resistance training increasing your muscle mass, you’ll see a big difference in the way your clothes fit. Looser in some body parts and tighter in other areas which is exactly what we want.
  • How is your skin & hair? With nutritious and balanced diet, you’re getting more vitamins and minerals which has got a lot of benefits for your hair and skin glow.
  • Measurements and progress pictures. When you look in the mirror daily you may not see the changes. Including regular measurements and progress pictures in your monthly reviews is important as it reveals the changes in your body. I have clients who would tell me before their reviews that they don’t feel they made any progress. And when we compare pictures and measurements, they are very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the scale will not change but the measurement and pictures do.
  • Are you stronger, faster, and fitter? Working out with progressive overload with a good form means you’re getting stronger and better every week. What felt hard last month, seems like a piece of cake. Which means you are progressing.

The scales will not give you answers to any of the above 5 points. That’s why it’s important you ask yourself these questions weekly and monthly to check on your progress.

And if the scale really stresses you out – ditch it. The number doesn’t define you.

Focus on what you can control, your nutrition, your activity level, and your stress. Don’t worry about things you can’t control ei. the number on the scale.

You will find you are happier without weighing yourself.

Because the number on the scale doesn’t define your progress.

If you feel you have been consistent with everything, don’t let the scale tell you otherwise. Instead push it under the sofa and carry on.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be stressful and I can show you how you can carry on loving your life and make progress at the same time.

EMAIL me today If you need help to get you started and I will show you a different ways of losing weight, getting fitter and healthier.