From unfit & lost, to content, positive and buzzing

Helen approached in December 2022, the busiest time of the year. She wanted to move away from all or nothing mentality and constant dieting. Her goal was to lower weight into healthy range to be fit and healthy for life.

We worked together to find the the best approach to fit Helen’s busy working life.

Helen, did you have any concerns before you started working with me?

I felt my worst heading into my 40s and I wanted to improve my fitness and lose weight. I loved your story so I knew you’d be a great coach for me.

Why did you decide to work with me?

I felt instant connection with you when we met and your story motivated me.

What were your 3 biggest wins?

1. Deadlift and squat personal best

2. Improved confidence

3. Improved Fitness

I truly love strength training, I never thought I’d enjoy it

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting their weight loss journey?

Don’t delay. The positive changes you will see in your body, health and life are endless! Petra is a fantastic and patient teacher, and she will give you all the tools needed to succeed in your goals.

What was your favourite part of us working together?

Laughing and learning from you.

What changed the most?

My attitude towards myself. I’ve learned to be kind and patient with myself. Nothing is ever perfect.

How would you describe what I do?

Inspiring other to be better version of themselves and helping them changing habits for life to improve health and fitness

Helen’s word:
‘I can’t recommend Petra enough. She’s is an absolute legend of a PT. I’ve been working with her for 11 months, and yes I’ve lost centimetres and weights, but more importantly I feel happier, healthier and stronger. My biggest change has been in my mindset moving away from all or nothing and constantly starting on Mondays.’

If you are ready to make changes and prioritise yourself, message me now to find out how I can you too.

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