How to turn your New Years Resolution into real results

Are you aiming to turn your New Year’s Resolutions into real results? Result that are achievable and sustainable?

Now the Christmas is over, you’re probably trying to get organised for 2024.

Are you setting some resolutions? Have you set them before? Were you successful?

Personally I think this is a good time to set good intensions and new & realistic goals for yourself.

So the important question is….


A lot of people really want to turn their New Year’s resolutions into real results. And a lot of people don’t succeed. This is because the resolution is a wish without the guidance and actionable plan.

To be more successful with your resolution to get Fitter and Healthier or Weight loss, you need a plan that will help you achieve just that.

Most resolutions don’t last longer than 5 weeks because they are not realistic and if you tried it before.

Your New Year’s Resolution without a PLAN is just a WISH.

To turn your New Year’s Resolutions into real results you need action plan.

January is perfect time to set these goals and be realistic with your expectations.

Firstly I would like to ask you to complete this questionnaire – CLICK HERE

This will help you look back at the past year and identify habits that you would like to change and align them with your goals.

Your goals need to me SMART

S – Specific – ei I want to do full press up OR I want to have healthy range BMI

M – Measurable – How are you going got measure your progress? What methods and how often will I measure it?

A – Achievable – Is this goal achievable or do I need to break it down into small habits? (TIP – ‘Aim big and start small’ to make sure you set yourself up for success)

R – Realistic – Can I achieve this?

T – Time bound – What is the time limit for this goal?

Aim big with big goal, but you will need to break them down into small habits that you can sustain. This will also help you overcome any overwhelm and make the journey more enjoyable.

Losing body fat and keeping it off or getting Fit and Healthy and staying Fit and Healthy isn’t a 30 day challenge. Creating habits that will change your lifestyle is a key to your success if you want to lower body fat, build muscle and feel better in your clothes.

Annual Diary to plan the year with a pen.

HERE are 5 TIPS to help you turn your New Year Resolution into Real Results

1. Break it down to monthly goals

Where do you want to be in December 2024? Decide what do you want to achieve every month and take it one step at a time. And it can look like this:

January – Goal 1: Drink 2L of water, Walk 30 min outdoors daily & 2 workouts per week

February – Carry on with Goal 1 and add Goal 2: Prioritise lean protein with every meal, add 10 minutes to my daily walks – follow progressive overload in my workout

Etc, etc – make every month specific

2. Break it down to weekly goals

Every month has 4 – 5 weeks.

For Example:

W1 – Start the day with a glass of water

W2 – Finish the day with the glass of water

W3 – Drink a glass of water before every meal

W4 – Stay consistent with all the weekly goals from January

A women in the mountain drinking a water from her purple bottle

3. Break it down to daily habits

For example:

Mon – Have a glass of water first thing in the morning before my coffee

Tue – Repeat

Wed – Repeat

Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun – REPEAT

The key to creating healthy habits is repetition and consistency. If you do it every day for a month you will create a habit that will help you change your lifestyle.

4. Be consistent and be patient.  

How many times do you need to remind your children to brush their teeth every morning and evening?

Exactly. That’s exactly how consistent and patient you need to be if you are changing your habits.

5. Get support to be accountable

This is very important. You need to make sure you have accountability for the goals your set yourself. Weekly check ins my 1:1 programme are exactly for this. I check in with my clients how did they get on with their habit, to ensure they achieved it and if there were any barriers, we aim to overcome them and plan for them.

You know what to do, but if life gets in a the way you quit. If you have someone next to you, to help you on the days when if gets harder, to get reassurance and support, you are more likely to carry on with your plan.

Are you ready to turn your New Years Resolutions into real results?


The only person that can make a difference in your life is YOU.

Are you going to set goals for 2024?

Do you want more guidance and support?

Then I am here for you…