I am not sure how about you but I didn’t feel the 2024 vibes at the start of January.

I live my best life every day – well…..I try to live it as it’s my last with no regrets so welcoming 2024 didn’t feel right.

I even logged out of my social media….selfish I know, but I needed it.

We spent a lot of lovely days outdoors exploring nature and just connecting with each other as for me that’s really precious.

Alica started a new school so it was important to ensure she is happy, and I am ready for any emotions that may come from hers or my end. So, I carried on refilling my cup every day regardless of whether it was 25th Dec, 1st Jan or 8th Jan – every day I aimed to crave time for myself to ensure I keep my body and mind healthy.

Following on from my skin cancer diagnosis last year – I need to do body checks every few weeks and look out for anything that may not seem right. As I was doing this check (this was second week of January) I decided to check my breast as well….

I did the usual routine I would do and then also compare my right with left when I noticed a lump in my left breast. You could imagine my mind at that point. It went straight to the worse case scenario, and I was so stressed for several days.

I obviously called GP straight away they referred me to the breast unit in Redditch.

Waiting for these appointments has been hard. A lot of emotions returned from last year diagnosis, and I found it really challenging to shake it off. I tried. At the time I was reading a book by Sian Hill – Activate your RAS (by the way it’s a great book about mindset and I definitely recommend it). Without going into too much detail there were few chapters that I related to and helped me overcome my mind, that started to create this unhappy place which wasn’t the reality.

As I was sitting in the waiting room for my results, I picked up all the leaflets to really educate and inform myself. I am so glad I did.

Here is what I want to talk to you about…

3 things you can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer

  1. Healthy diet and healthy weight – keep body fat within healthy range, look after the muscle tissue and eating well balanced meals to nourish your body.
  2. Regular exercise & staying active. Find activity you enjoy and stay consistent with it. There are few types of exercise I recommend. Strength training for bone health, Cardio for hearth health and something you enjoy and love. For me it’s yoga now as it helps me regulate my emotions than have come along with the perimenopause. And walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walking is by far the most underrated way of moving. Go our and get some fresh air.
  3. Alcohol consumption awareness. I don’t drink – maybe only once or twice per year. But is if you consume alcohol, it is important to follow the NHS guide for this. CLICK HERE to find out more.

If your goal is weight loss and you are aiming to fit into small jeans – focus on improving your health instead. This way the weight loss will be the by-product of your actions.

Now let’s talk about MOTIVATION a little…

You know, the days when you can’t be bothered, you start skipping your workouts which will have an impact on your mood and energy levels, and this will impact your behaviours around nutrition.

How about you go back to your HEALTH in these moments. And choosing action that supports your health and decreasing the risk of breast cancer.

Would it be easier to take the next action?

Would you want to live longer?


How deep did that hit?

It hit me hard. Whenever I can’t be bothered, and I am just not feeling it……my motivation is MY HEALTH. LIVE LONGER. FOR MY FAMILY.

I feel emotional writing this…

I used to chase my weight loss to put bikini on, to chase good comments, to fit into smaller jeans. And while all that has really pushed me do progress even more my mindset has totally changed to focusing on my health.

Without our health we have nothing.

It was a health scare for me in January, but what it did, was to reinforce WHY I do what I do and the importance of staying fit and healthy through exercise and diet.

And I so happy can help you too.

Help you moving away from dieting to create a routine that keeps you fit and healthy.

If you feel like you know what you should be doing, but need accountability to get it done, support you on the days when it gets harder and cheer you on your journey, then get in touch with me.

Let’s chat about which one of my coaching programmes is most suitable for you to help you achieve your goal and not look back again.

My clients are making progress every day and you can do it it too.

I look forwards hearing from you.