Ep 6 How ALL or Something instead of ALL or Nothing helped me get through the toughest part of my life

In today’s episode I talk about ALL or Nothing mindset as the biggest barrier to help you achieve your goals. I dive in to show you how I moved away from this mindset to ALL or SOMETHING which helps me stay consistent and carry on with my routine.

I also share tips what you can do if you can’t follow your plan, why is clarity on your goals and values really important and some personal circumstances I have gone through where ALL or SOMETHING carried me through.

I recorded this podcast to tell you that life isn’t always easy. Life will throw

challenges at us. It will be hard at times. But that doesn’t mean you should

give up on something you committed to. Yourself. You need to be able to adapt

and carry on. Because nobody will do that for you.

Thank for listening

I really appreciate it, as always, I will leave my details in the podcast

sections so please get in touch if you want to chat or you would like to find

out how I can help you to move away from ALL or Nothing mindset.

Please message me petrablandfitness@hotmail.com to chat or visit www.petrablandfitness.com to find out more about my services if you feel you are stuck in the ALL or NOTHING mindset.

Sending you a lots of love & have a great day.

Petra x