THANK YOU TO PETRA for helping me to achieve this. Petra suggested to help me with my food choices, planning and changing few of my habits. The changes she suggested made me feel more energised and motivated. The help came from a very busy mum, real and down-to-earth person who went through a similar journey and shared her own experience. I was able to relate to and in a way got inspired by it.

Michaela BartoskovA

Just simply to say Thank you to Petra is not enough, she is always there for me, for the motivation, moral support, to listen to my frustrations … the list is endless.
Louise Pardoe

I could see results after each month but the biggest change I guess everyone noticed was after 3 months. My energy levels increased too! I had a lot of motivation and almost daily checks from Petra from the beginning until I have formed a habit.

Jane Smith

Petra’s made me see my weight loss journey in a more healthy and sustainable way – my goals are more realistic and achievable and I’ve created healthy habits which will last a lifetime. Petra has helped keep me motivated and has made me enjoy exercising again! As someone who feels self conscious when exercising in front of other people, I feel completely comfortable around her.

Jana Szaszova

In a short amount of time she has transformed my approach to health and nutrition.
She is incredibly supportive and has a really positive approach to coaching which is motivational, encouraging and realistic!
Her work out plans focus on building at your pace and really cementing technique and form which is so refreshing. She really looks towards the longevity of health and fitness.

Faith Walsh

Petra has a very individual based approach, on what the client’s needs are and not her own agenda. she listens to your ideas and asks probing questions to make you think about what it is you want to achieve. she is also very motivating and pushes you to get the workout done.

Lyndsey Pearson