My 1:1 coaching methods are based on changing daily habits and help with behaviours to help you achieve sustainable results.

I want to show you that you can make a difference with changing a small things in your day without giving up.


Nutrition Advice & Targets to help you understand your nutrition so you are able to make informed decision about your food to help you with you short and long term health & fitness goals.

1:1 Support – ongoing communication with my with 3 touch points during the week to ensure your plan is suitable and achievable for you. I am here to cheer on you on the good days and reassure on the days when it doesn’t seem like it.

Weekly Educational Content and Q&A in the support group with LIVE Educations videos.

Weekly and Monthly Reviews to review progress and adapt if needed. Weekly review is complete via E-form and monthly review is done in person or video call.

Exercise Programme for home or gym to push you out of your comfort zone for all levels. After first assessment session I will build a programme for you to follow at home or in the gym to help you build a n enjoyable workout routine.


Saturday 5pm 13th, 27th May – Small Group Bootcamp – Hartlebury Private Garden Gym

45min session of full body workout, a combination of strength and cardio fitness with lots of equipment and fun guaranteed with like minded people

Wednesday 10th May 9:30-10:30am

15th, 22th May 9:30-10:30am

Bewdley Bootcamp/ Pinnacle Personal Training


Who is it for?

Do you want to move away from dieting?

Do you want to identify your core values to help you identify the habits that will help you feel better?

Do you want to understand your diet so you can make progress while living your life?

Do you want to create a sustainable exercise routine that you enjoy to help you improve your fitness and get stronger?

This programme is not for you, if:

You want quick fix

If you want to see quick results

If you aren’t prepared to commit to yourself

What do you get:

6 week workout programme to fit your current life

Nutrition support to help you understand your food to make informed choice for your goals

Non exercise activity level guidance and targets

Weekly Check in via email to review your week

Weekly educational videos around nutrition for fat loss/muscle gain and maintenance, bursting dieting myths, strength training, menopause and healthy lifestyle & mindset & Q&A

Monthly Review via email to review your month and progress

After 6 week – Call with me and Exit plan for you to keep going after the programme is finished

COST: £199 – payment calendar available

Next Programme start on 11th June. Message me to get on the waiting list.

Places are limited to allow me to deliver the best programme to everyone.


This is a free 5 day kickstart challenge where I will email you every day with a task to complete to help you kickstart your day and make your week better.

You will get a workout to complete and recommendations to improve your nutrition.

This challenge is run 4 times per year and the next one will kick start on 17th April.