Helen’s Story – I never thought I can lose weight again after menopause

When I first met Helen, she was feeling unmotivated, unfit with low energy and just not sure how to move forward from this place.

She has been finding it very challenging to maintain a good routine around her activity levels and nutrition after menopause. She approached me because she wanted to lose body fat and tone up.

Helen, did you have any concerns before you started?

I have never done strength training so it was all very new to me and I was very apprehensive at the start.

Why did you decide to work with me?

I used to come to Petra’s Bootcamp and I really enjoyed Petra’s style of coaching so I decided to do personal training around my ability.

What were your biggest barriers to overcome to help you with your goal?

I wanted to create sustainable routine around my nutrition and exercise to help me lose weight and tone up. I had some bad habits around eating that I wanted to change and I always struggled with ALL or Nothing mindset, so would give up as soon as something didn’t go to plan.

What are your 3 biggest wins?

I am really happy I managed to lose body fat without restrictions. I learned to lift weight with a good form and mostly I am very proud of myself for completing the programme without giving up, as that’s something I would have done in the past. I feel much fitter, more positive and energetic. Petra has helped to look at the positive side of things. My sleep has improved.

What would tell someone who is thinking about starting their weight loss journey?

Go for it! Tell Petra what you want to achieve and she will plan a routine to suit you and your lifestyle that you’ll enjoy. I did!

What was your favourite part of us working together?

Lifting more weight each week and learning new routine around my nutrition and exercising. You have also thought me to always look for the positives.

Helen has adopted several new habits around nutrition and her exercising routine, to help her carry on with this routine.

Her main goal was weight loss, but she knew it’s the health that she wanted to look after. Be fit and strong for her family for as long as possible.

She started seeing results from all the work she put in, which made her more motivated.

It wasn’t easy. Every change is challenging.

But staying in the same place won’t change how you want to feel about your self.

At the end it didn’t really matter how much fat Helen lost. What was more important was that she was feeling happier, healthier and stronger and more confident.

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