Michaela’s Story – From Yo-yo dieting to sustainable results

When I first met with Michaela she was very low on energy and was just about to buy another detox to help her lose weight. In the past she spent a lot of money on different diets , that never gave her any long term solutions and she always ended up in the same vicious cycle.

She knew she had to do something differently, but didn’t know where to start and how to create a routine she can sustain.

Michaela’s transformation

Michaela, did you have any concerns before you started working with me?

I was working, studying and looking after my twins, so I was worries I won’t have time for any planning and exercising. I also wanted a sustainable plan that will keep me going once I achieve my results.

Why did you decide to work with me?

Your story really inspired me. You went thought the struggles yourself, you are also a busy working mum so you know what it feels like. I was very inspired by your story and felt like you can help me.

What were you biggest barriers to overcome to help you with your goal?

I wanted to move away from the quick fixes and fad diets. I spent a lot of money on these before and non of them helped me sustain the results so I kept going back. For me also time was an issue. With my twins and having job and studying I couldn’t see how I can make time for myself.

What were your 3 biggest wins?

I started to move more. I walk more and I have my workout routine going to keep my body active. I love resistance training and I can see change in m y body from the routine. I also understand my nutrition better. I focus on small changes in my day. I am happy about my routine as I want to be role model for my children and they now join me for my workouts. I created a good balance that doesn’t restrict me from what I like and helps me maintain my results.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting their weight loss journey?

Petra is your girls! She will listen to what you want and will create a routine that will fit into your life without stopping you living your life. Just go for it!

What was your favourite part of us working together?

You motivated me and listened to my frustrations. You never judged and I felt I can open up about my fears and doubts I have had. I lover strength training and listing weights. I can see how my body benefited from this type of workouts.

Michaela’s main goal was weight loss to stay fit and healthy for her family.

We focused on nutrition habits as well as activity levels habits to create a sustainable routine she can maintain.

We monitored progress regularly and adapted the plan if we needed to.

Michaela stayed consistent with her habits.

She became a better, healthier, fitter and stronger version of herself.

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