WHY and HOW you should make time for workouts.

No book will ever prepare you to be a mum.  Am I right?

No podcast will ever prepare you for the constant worry and the challenges you will be facing every day.

And once you think you got it all worked out, it changes again.

Am I right?

When my daughter was 2 year olds, I remember saying to myself, I need to be there for her all the time.

While I had all the good intentions, and I was there for her all the time.

But I wasn’t there for myself.


I didn’t eat well. I didn’t exercise. Was wanted to lose weight and kept falling for the quick fixes trap.

It led me to multiple burnouts as I was trying to do everything myself perfectly by the book. Not once did I even start thinking that I need to be present, well and healthy to be able to look after her.

Close up upset female leg stepping on weigh scales with measuring tape, pink dumbbell and green apple. Healthy lifestyle, food and sport concept.

WHY is it important you refill your cup first.

I was talking to one of my client the other day, and we agreed, how important the ‘ME time’ is. She said it gives her time in a day that is hers, and helps her recharge and be ready for the day.

Yes she needs to wake up early to get it done, but she always feels better once it’s done. Her husband and friends commented how much more energy she has and how happier she is.

If you plan time for the real self-care – to look after you physical, mental, social and emotional health, only then you can give your children, family and friends the best of you.

You’re a person too and you have several needs that need to be fulfilled.

If you’re constantly tired, and rushed off your feet with jobs, you are not necessarily happy anymore.

Nobody wants a perfect mum.

They want and need a happy mum.

Happy women smiling.

You need to make yourself priority.

You need to make yourself a priority, because for the rest of the day everyone and everything else will be the priority.

It may be scary at start, and it will be very much trial & error process to start with. But once you identify what it is that make you feel better, you’ll want more of it. You will start feeling and seeing the benefits of the small changes, which will motivate you to want more.

The thing with the nutrition and daily movement is – that they will never let you down. You will ALWAYS feel better. And once you feel better, everything else gets easier.

To plan the time for yourself – 1 hour every day around your family diary is essential.

You can’t fill other’s cups if your cup is not full or at least half full.

It’s not selfish – it’s necessary.

Now, I didn’t know this 5 years ago. I just wanted to lose my baby weight. I was exhausted, tired and miserable. But in the last 5 years, I created a lot of good habits to help me with my health and I can see the difference in me.

If you want to feel better in yourself, you need to start doing things differently.

It will be a learning process every day. But if you give yourself a chance you will be able to change your habits.

It’s simple, but not easy.

It’s ok to feel a little overwhelmed.

It’s ok to feel scared, because you tried some things before and none of them worked.

But let me tell you. It’s worth it.


Here are few tips how to plan 30 min for yourself if you are really busy all day

  1. PLAN YOUR ACTIVITIES. Plan all the family and children’s activities for the week ahead. All of them. The kids’ parties, the playdates and family dinners.
  2. Look for the gaps. These could be short gaps 5-10 min. You can start with short 5-minute workouts, and short fruit and veggie prep for the following days. Remember it is the small things that matter.
  3. Make the time. If you struggle to find the time during the day, you may need to wake up earlier or give up your TV show. Or you may need to watch while you work out. Sometime it means you need to sacrifice things in order to achieve something new.
  4. Diarise it. Now you found the time – block it out. Write it down in your dairy. Book the PT session, arrange a walk with a friend, or prepare meals for next few days.
  5. Be accountable. This is essential to start with. If you don’t have anyone next to you to support you and cheer you on, you may find it harder. Having a Personal Trainer who gives you motivation, support and encouragement on the days when you don’t feel like it is a deal breaker when you are trying to change your ways. It really makes a difference to have someone next to you to ensure you that you are on the right path. I also had a PT when I started.
  6. Follow the plan. You did all the hard work. You planned for it, now you need to follow the plan.

I plan every single day. I plan when I am meal prepping, I plan all my workouts. The only thing I don’t plan is when I do my laundry and that is the only reason why it never gets done haha.

You can see exactly where I am going with it.

If you don’t plan for it won’t be done.

So, before today is finished, I want you to think about what 1 thing you can do for yourself tomorrow. Just 1 thing. Follow the steps above to make it happen for you and aim to do it every day for next 7 days. If you can sustain it carry on and add another small habit to it.

Do need help with planning and accountability?

I hope you have enjoyed the blog

Have a great week

Petra x