Ep 1 My Story why I became Personal Trainer and 5 lessons I learned since I stopped dieting.

I am so excited to bring you the first episode of this

podcast. I am actually doing a little happy dance!

Today I would like to share my story, how I battled weigh

gain and weight loss in my 20s and most of my 30s and how I moved away from the

Yoyo dieting ad achieved sustainable results and also why I became PT.

I will also share 5 important lessons that helped me stop dieting and look at my weight loss journey slightly differently.

I work with women aged 35-60 mainly

in peri or menopause in person or online. And I also have monthly online

memberships for clients who need online plans.

I really love doing what I do. Seeing

my clients fitter, stronger, healthier and empowering them to be the best

version of themselves is just amazing. And I cannot wait to help more women.

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have a great day.

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